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Carl’s Story

After Carl had surgery (8/4/2016) Tim McGonigal (at a Morikami gathering) told him that physical therapy would take longer than expected and that getting cost effective PT would be far harder than expected. Tim said he had figured out he needed to take charge of it, learn whereever he could however he could, and create the program and the discipline needed to make it work. Thank goodness for Tim's advice because Carl soon found that Tim's comments fitted his situation very well. Carl worked with several physical therapists. All were skilled and concientious, but their teaching did not include good instructions that had a possibility of making him able work efectively on his own. PT is complicated. Luckily he met Krista Farnes and she created instructions and illustrations at a website and now that website is the foundation of new PT work by Carl. We still need teachers, coaches and trainers but more is possible now as we take more responsibiity for our own training.

Krista's original instructions included 15 exercises and she later expanded it to 30 exercises. Later, as Carl learned how to use HEP2go he expanded the list of exercises to 70 which included new exercises for shoulders and back and balance. To see Krista's original program, click here and use "code" QELJ69P . or see Ben's HEP2go program for balance, click here and use "code" ZYXXFQN Carl uses the HEP2go website, but also does some documentation and analysis on this website which is his own notes and current work.

Starting May 1, 2018 Carl will be guided by evaluation & instructions by Dr. Ben Galin (DPT,OCS) of Total Health and Rehab at Glades & Lyons in Boca Raton. Ben says Carl's strength is ok and his problem is balance due to so much time spent sitting at a computer and not getting exercise since his 8/4/2016 surgery.

Here are the principles that will guide Carl in his way back to good health.

  1. Swimming will be very important. Ben says there is no better exercise as it works all muscles and is unlikely to hurt any. Carl will compete in the Coral Springs meet in May and will work on an attitude to make thrice weekly swims of 1000 yards work well and happily. He will return to USMS competition.
  2. Sitting all day at the computer is very worrisome, so frequent breaks for balance & strength training exercises at home (and other purposes) are very important.
  3. Exercises will be chosen by Ben and placed in a webpage. That is familiar to Carl and he will use it well (at home).

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