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Our ongoing Pt will evolve from this list with whatever learning and/or advice comes our way. This list has been created from Our ’PT menu’ now includes 93 exercises. •

ipusp-IPU : 65
iwr-IWR : 66
basl1-BS1 : 67
fsls-FSL : 68
lgmt-LGM : 69
stups-STU : 70

Below are captions (instructions) for 6 exercises.

(65 IPU) IMAGINARY CONE PICK UP & SHELF PLACE: Set up cones about 12 feet apart on one side and about 6 feet between each. Perform 4 laps. Walk, lean down, and pick up the cone with the opposite hand, make sure the head follows. On the way back up imagine putting the cone on a shelf on the same side as the arm up high and have the head follow. Repeat 4 Times. Perform 3 Time(s) a Week
(66 IWR) INCLINE WEDGE REACHING: Using the gray wedge, have patient stand with heels at the edge in Romberg. Have the patient reach for a ball with alternating hands. Move the ball up and down & side to side. The object is to get the patient to reach out of their BOS. Activity can be progressed by having the patient catch the ball and throw the ball. Or bounce a balloon off the wall. Have the wedge opposite direction as well. Repeat 20 Times. Complete 2 Sets. Perform 3 Time(s) a Week.
(67 BS1) BALANCE: ANKLE STRATEGY LEVEL 1: Stand with a chair in front of you and a wall behind you. Concentrate on moving from your ankles. Level 1- slowly shift your weight toward your toes then your heels . Perform this exercise with your- eyes open eyes closed. Level 2- counter in front about 3 feet, lean far then step out rebound off counter and return. Repeat 20 Times. Complete 1 Set. Perform 3 Time(s) a Week.
(68 FSL) FACILITATED SINGLE LEG STANCE: Hold onto the band with your elbow bent to 90 degrees. Take steps out with resistance slowly. Move away from the door until there is a resistance felt from the band. Lift the leg furthest from the door to 90 degrees of flexion at the hip and knee. Keep your balance. Slowly return leg to floor and return to door. Do this to each side,back, and front. Repeat 5 Times. Hold 10 Seconds. Complete 2 Sets. Perform 3 Time(s) a Week.
(69 LGM) LUNGE MATRIX: 1)Forward Lunge -Step forward with one foot and bend the back knee towards the ground. Make sure that the knee in front does not bend over the toes and raise hands up in the air towards the ceiling. 2)Back Lunge -Step back on one foot bending from the knee while keeping the front knee straight. Keep the front heel on the floor and reach arms down towards your feet. 3)Side Lunge -Step one foot out to the side and bend the knee, keeping the opposite leg straight. Reach arms across to the opposite side. 4)Front rotation -Keep the stable foot facing forward and rotate the opposite foot across the body in a forward position. Reach arms across the body in the same direction. 5)Back rotation -Keep the stable foot facing forward and rotate the opposite foot behind the body in a backwards position. Reach arms back in the same direction . Repeat 5 Times . Complete 2 Sets. Perform 3 Time(s) a Week.
(70 STU) STEP-UPS: 1- forward: right right left lefy 2- side: left X 20, right X 20. Toe Taps for Speed X 2 mins . Repeat 20 Times . Hold 0 Seconds . Complete 1 Set . Perform 3 Time(s) a Week .
Click here for another example of instructions created for exercises (though these are an early attempt for Carl, not for this subject): aceso/strength Below is a compact list of the 6 exercises selected for Balance.
BALANCE: Ankle Strategy Level 1basl1 67BS1BLNC

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