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Aceso Nutrition

Nutrition has become far more important than ever and way high on my list of what is important at all. My best advice has come from my personal physician Dr. Dominik M. Chrzan. Bolay has now become my most important source of meals and I purchase two double bowls just about every week and that will be about six meals for me. He also recommended smoothies as a means for preparing nutritious foods and for that I have discovered Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai which is available at Publix Greenwise stores. I've bought four quarts of it so far and it is delicious beyond my imagination and based on what I've read about I think it will be a wonderful delight in my nutrition regime. I'll give a quart each to Dr. Chrzan and to my friends Bill and Maggie Brockman who are very conscious and well informed about nutrition. Martha B urges that we remember that carbohydrate converts to sugar so we might want to keep our daily intake under 12 oz.

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