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Finding Joy

FruitOfTheSpirit.bmp ifsf20190413.jpg

Aceso was the Greek goddess of the healing process. This is our attempt to help that process. (updated 4/12/19 16:24)

This folder includes the ideas & files Carl was working with in creating the little cards called Fruit of the Spirit. Carl created indexw.htm and Justin at FedEx (561-367-9577) created Print2.pdf from these materials. He then printed copies onto 8.5×11 inch yellow card stock and each page was cut into 6 small cards. The paper is "BC2 Bright Cardstock Sun Yellow."

The basic image with text was discovered on the internet and Steve of Boca Photo Pro (561-487-2799) converted it from the bmp file that carl provided into jpg, tif, gif, and png formats (all included here).

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