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Now that fitness centers and swimming pools are closed those who need focussed exercise might need to find guidance online. Below is our attempt to do so. The first group is our most recently found links. The second group is 17 stretching exercises found in a search on YouTube. Coach John Grzeszczak of Hammerhead Aquatics in Wilton Manors has a list and it is the third group (17 links) in the list below. I asked Micole Simpson, the manager at LAFitness-BeracasaWay, how I could find help and she urged me to search on YouTube. She taught me the term "HIIT" meaning "High Intensity Interval Training" and I searched YouTube for "HIIT for older folks" and got the next 23 links in the list below. I hope others will join me in improving this list and in using it well. My name is Carl House. Most of my friends are in my neighborhood and at my church (St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Boca Raton). Click on any of these links to see what we are trying to do and perhaps you will join us in improving this page and in using it at home or wherever we meet our friends. You can search on YouTube to find instruction or demos that fit you better than those that I selected.

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