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Best Restaurants

This is a list of best healthy restaurants & food services in SE Florida assembled from four on-line reports listed at the end of the list. (updated 3/22/19 15:13)

  1. BP 1. DeliverLean, 561-257-5696
  2. ME 1. AROA Craft Yogurt & Café, 1045 S University Dr, Plantation, FL 33324 (954) 533-0328
  3. PB 1. Shimuja. You'll want to order the Kagoshima special ramen at newbie ramen spot, Shimuja, in Davie. It may be pricey at $20 a bowl, but it's worth it for this souped-up — pun intended — edition of their ramen options. For $5 less, the 48-hour tonkotsu broth is prepared from a whole pig and specialty imported soy sauce direct from Japan. No matter which of the various iterations you choose — there's a vegan soup broth and one infused with Key limes for a Florida twist — this is as authentic as you get. The owner has several locations including his first that opened in 2011 in Shimuja City, Japan. 4921 SW 148th Ave., Davie; 754-200-8941.
  4. FL 1. Fresh First, 1637 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, (954) 763-3344
  5. ME 2. Fresh First, 1637 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, (954) 763-3344
  6. BP 3. Fresh First, 1637 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, (954) 763-3344
  7. BP 2. PB Catch, 251 Sunrise Avenue, Palm Beach, FL, (561) 655-5558
  8. PB 2. GoBistro. If cup o' noodles instant ramen is all you've ever known, it can be difficult to understand how anyone can care so much about ramen. But the ramen at GoBistro in Hollywood is different: It's something to get excited about. All good ramen — be it shiyo, shoyu, or tonkotsu — share a few basic characteristics: a dense pile of chewy, crimped noodles; a meaty, opaque broth; ribbons of slow-cooked pork; a pile of bean sprouts, green onion, and possibly a soft-boiled egg with a molten golden center. GoBistro ramen adheres to these requirements, and its tonkotsu ramen is still some of the most breathtaking after all these years. The broth is made from scratch, a golden-opaque kotteri packed with emulsified goodness from long-boiled pork bones; the result of a two-day cooking process. Fat-laced and fragrant, the surface is like an oil slick that leaves a gelatinous sheen on your lips as you slurp away, revealing firm, crimped noodles and succulent slices of pork belly. 2035 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood; 754-263-2826
  9. ME 3. Green Bar & Kitchen, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (954) 533-7507
  10. PB 3. WoodOne Ramen. Just four weeks old, WoodOne Ramen is already offering some of the best ramen in South Florida from a small stand in Hollywood's Yellow Green Farmers Market. A small restaurant space feels like you've been spirited away to Japan, although the couple serving you will make you feel right at home. The chef's tonkotsu is rich and silky, a perfect balance to the dense pile of chewy, crimped noodles. A lighter option, shoyu, is tangy with a depth of flavor only kombu (kelp) can offer. And a tomato-based curry is as vibrant as it is fragrant. But it's their growing assortment of vegan options, including a curry-free tomato broth and a Sapporo miso broth (pictured here), that's worth trying on your first visit. Just as savory and rich as the stand's signature tonkatsu, it features tofu in place of chashu pork and vegan-friendly noodles. Keep an eye out for the new soon-to-be-unveiled creamy vegetable broth — the owners say it will be just as indulgent as a bone-based broth. Yellow Green Farmers Market stand No. 245; 1940 N. 30th Rd., Hollywood.
  11. PB 4. Nori Sushi Thai Ramen, 217 E. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton; 561-392-2999
  12. BP 4. The Green Wave Cafe, 5221 West Broward Blvd Plantation, Florida, 33317, (954) 581 - 8377
  13. ME 4. Love Life Cafe, 2616 NW 5 Ave Miami, FL 33127 (305) 456-4148
  14. PB 5. Ramen Lab Eatery. The brainchild of the family of establishments that also owns the Lemongrass Asian Bistro chain and the Sea Asian Bistro in Delray Beach, Ramen Lab Eatery — now with several locations across Palm Beach County — is the answer to your ramen dreams. The hardest part: deciding which one to choose. Miso ramen with Korean short rib offers a chicken-based broth piqued with miso, egg, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, corn, and mushrooms, while a five-spice duck ramen features sprouts, bok choy, garlic oil, and micro cilantro. Tom Yum seafood ramen is rife with calamari, shrimp, King prawn, and scallop bobbing in a tomato-based broth infused with lemongrass. Offerings include a vegan shoyu and traditional tonkatsu. Broth spice levels can be ordered to taste while a substantial side menu of extra toppings allows diners to customize any bowl. 100 NE Second St., Boca Raton; 561-750-4448
  15. BP 5. QBar Burgers & Blues, 2376 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305, (954) 565-2299
  16. ME 5. Plant Miami, 105 NE 24th St Miami, FL 33137 (305) 814-5365 , inside Sacred Space in Wynwood. Plant Miami
  17. FL 5. Fabio, The Venetian Wine Bar & Restaurant, Oakland Park
  18. FL 6. Beehive Kitchen, Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton, 1914 NE 5th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33431, (564) 341-0496, opens in Boca Raton Thursday, February 21
  19. BP 6. Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen, 1040 Bayview Dr #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 338-5651,
  20. ME 6. Juvia, 1111 Lincoln Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 763-8272
  21. PB 6. Fyr & Ice Asian Fusion And Drinks. If you like options and a hip, casual vibe, then Fyr & Ice should be your go-to ramen spot. This Coral Springs restaurant is an Asian street food lover's paradise, fast-casual style. Start out with yakitori — skewered and grilled vegetable, meat, and seafood — and then wash it all down with one of several Asian bottled beers or a bubble milk tea with tapioca pearls. The real focus here, though, is the ramen: There are seven options total, ranging from traditional tonkotsu and a sweet and sour tom yum Thai seafood broth to shoyu chicken and a spicy kimchee broth with beef (pictured here). 10371 W. Sample Rd., Coral Springs; 954-688-9078
  22. BP 7. Chow Thai Cuisine, 23034 Sandalfoot Plaza Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33428, (561) 487-8414
  23. ME 7. Lolo’s Surf Cantina 161 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 735-6973
  24. PB 7. Mikan Japanese Restaurant. After 17 years running a business in the heart of Miami, last year Seiji Ikemizu moved his Mikan Japanese Restaurant (named for the honey tangerine) to Pembroke Pines. And we're thankful he did. Originally from Tokunoshima, a small island in southern Japan, Ikemizu's cooking is authentic, and certainly some of the best around. Word is that he works with a local Japanese supplier to order his fish, so checking the daily specials is always a good idea. But it's the soup we're talking about here, with several styles and takes including a curry, vegetable, or nabeyaki udon — big fat noodles bobbing in a flavorful broth. The ramen comes a number of ways, as well, from traditional tonkotsu and miso to our personal favorite, the kimchi ramen (pictured here) a spicy, orange-hued broth that's packed full of slow-roasted pork and homemade kimchi. 12502 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines; 954-471-2719
  25. BP 8. Del Frisco’s Grille, 501 E W Las Olas Blvd Suite 150, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301,, (754) 312-3235
  26. ME 8. Azabu Miami Beach 161 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139 (786) 276-0520
  27. PB 8. Oka Sushi. A quaint, tiny eatery off Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth is offering ramen alongside sushi.
  28. FL 8. New River Pizza & Fresh Kitchen, 1219, 706 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, (954) 618-7000
  29. BP 9. Green Spot Kitchen, 1506 E Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334, (754) 223-5558
  30. ME 9. Planta South Beach 850 Commerce St Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 397-8513
  31. FL 9. Yogurt My Way, 235 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, (954) 522-1955
  32. PB10. Kapow! Noodle Bar. This well-known Boca Raton Asian gastropub has noodle in its name for a reason: they make some pretty amazing noodle soups. Their ramen starts with roasted pork neck and back bones which help to deepen the porky flavor and add color to the soup broth. From there, the chefs add smoked pork trotters and beef femurs to enhance the richness, all combined with a kombu mushroom dashi and slowly simmered for 48 hours. From there they throw in some tar‚ — a soy-based seasoning — along with saut‚ed garlic and ginger, deglazed with sake and chicken stock. All of this hard work comes together in a bowl with the restaurant's house ramen noodle, garlicky bok choy, soft boiled egg, mung bean sprouts, and scallion. Each ramen can be topped with your choice of protein, including steak, sweet soy glazed all-natural chicken, or sustainably-sourced shrimp and mushrooms. Boca Raton and West Palm Beach locations; 561-347-7322
  33. BP10. Riverside Market, Plantation or Ft. Lauderdale
  34. ME10. DIRT 900 S Miami Ave #125 Miami, FL 33130 (786) 235-8033
  35. FL10. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, 1025 Gateway Blvd #305, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, (561) 733-0059
  36. FL11. Gourmet Garden Cafe & Juices, 6139 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, (954) 626-0452
  37. FL12. Sip Java Co, 638 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 990-5597,
  38. PB Arun's Indian Kitchen Owner Opens Taco Masala in Lauderhill
  39. PB Beehive Kitchen Reopens in Fort Lauderdale With Delivery Services
  40. PB Dune Brings the Flavors of the Napa Valley to Fort Lauderdale
  41. PB Hai House Brings Modern Chinese-American Fare To Palm Beach
  42. PB Kaminari Ramen is a Broward-based pop-up ramen restaurant that features some pretty slurp-able soups.
  43. PB Legado Restaurant, Hollywood
  44. PB Tacocraft Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Grand Opening. Opens at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 24, at 4400 N. Ocean Dr., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
  45. PB Tonkatsu ramen from GoBistro in Hollywood is still #1 in Broward and Palm Beach counties.
  46. TV Sea Watch, 6002 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, (954) 781-2200
  47. TV Farmer's Table, Boca Raton, 1901 N Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33431, (561) 417-5836
  48. TV Ouzo Bay, Mizner Park, 201 Plaza Real Suite 1203, Boca Raton, FL 33432, (561) 757-0082
  49. TV Season’s 52, 2300 NW Executive Center Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33431, (561) 998-9952 (just NW of where Glades Rd & I-95 meet)
  50. TV Sublime Restaurant SEEMS TO HAVE CLOSED, Vegan, 1431 N Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, (954) 615-1431
Here are the sources for the above list. (plus, of course, Terrence & Victoria Glassman (TV), whose culinary taste is far better than mine)
  1. The 10 Best Healthy Restaurants in South Florida, 2019 (ME)
  2. Ten Best Healthy Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties (BP)
  3. Healthy Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale (FL)
  4. Broward Palm Beach New Times (seems to focus on Ramen) (PB)

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